Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Musings: Decor Tour?

Katherine, Southern Charm, Bravo. Love her expression. Just how I'm feeling.

I was at the dermatogist this week.  The nurse began in a monotone with her questions, "I see you don't have any issues, etc." until she got to the bottom of my form. There was a line for occupation and hobbies. (I assume they want to know how much time you spend outside and are exposed to the sun?) "You're a Stager!  I love decorating!  I watch HGTV religiously!"  She went on and on telling me her house was 'OK' but it needs 'something'. She told me, "I need you."

After the doc inspected every inch of me, we resumed our chat. I mentioned that I had considered offering a 'Decor Tour'. I would take folks out to some of my fav shopping haunts and have a traveling workshop.  She jumped at it and said to sign her up.

So here's the rub.  I really had not thought it through when I mentioned.  Her enthusiam was contagious. this is a good idea?  Maybe other folks would be interested? (Not to mention it would provide an additional revenue stream. Hello!) 

I'm lovin' the idea of my 'Decor Tour' but it has me stumped on how to pull it off.  Oh 2015, you are delivering me a task that is sooooo out of my comfort zone.

So I'll ask you folks if you have any words of wisdom, thoughts, ideas.

Maybe I should just stick to staging.....


  1. It's a fabulous idea, Linda. I'm sure with the right advertising it could really be a hit. You could get the stores involved to offer a discount to your visitors, get a restaurant to host you for lunch and maybe even link up with something like the Junior League or Kinettes to promote it as a fundraising event.

  2. Such great ideas, Heather! Thank you!

  3. Great business idea!!! With your Trade discounts, your clients can really save and receive great advice! Now all you have to do is come up a "fee" plan etc and how to reach future clients. There are numerous approaches. Working one on one or working with groups, or both. One on one would be a custom service that would require visits to the clients home and would require a larger fee. Have fun with this one!!!

  4. Thanks for the advice, Patty. I was thinking of going with small groups. I go to clients homes now for decorating and have an hourly rate.

  5. As someone who has benefited from shopping with you I think this is a great idea!! For those of us that are decoratively challenged, your knowledge and expertise on color and textures is priceless. You could have clients bring a sample of carpet, drapes, fabric, art, anything they want to decorate around and you can do your magic with colors and textures to show options that would be great decorating ideas.

  6. What a great idea!! Love what Patty suggested, and I agree. If it were me, I would take my clients to antique shops because that's my focus and strength. Keep us posted, Linda. And good luck. xo

  7. oh no you won't!!! it's time for a new thing....get your thinkin' cap on and put some cards at that office!!!