Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Staging Virginia's Dining Area

Hi everyone.  It is hot-o-la in Raleighwood.  Hope you are fairing better.  The humidity and mosquitoes are making it difficult to spend time outdoors.  The real estate market continues to be busy--thus keeping moi busy.  Hard to believe I was a lazy slug just a few short weeks ago.

I digress.  Here is Virginia's dining room after staging.
The house has an open floor plan.  The kitchen is on the other side of the bar stools (right hand corner of picture).  The family room is in the adjacent area.  My staging goal was to make this a more designated space as a dining 'room' versus an 'area'.  Since it is the only dining space in the home I wanted show that it could accommodate many people (if you added table panels and chairs). 
Love this runner!  Picked it up a Ross for $7.  Sooooo lovely with Virginia's two tiered metal baskets and my signature Granny Smiths....The candlesticks came from World Market.  (Dang! I never remember to light candles for pictures--probably because it was 100 degrees and daylight.)

Here's the dining area before.

 I turned the table allowing more space on either side. I brought in the etageres from the kitchen to flank the windows.  You can see I went a bit crazy with metal work.  The metal arch over the windows centered with the table worked out absolutely fabulous. Thanks Jim-V's DH, for hanging it.  StagerLinda was to chicken climb the ladder and hang that sucker!  (I would have been dead it I'd said, "no, I don't think so--take it down.)

The bottom of the chair seats is woven, as are the shelves of the etageres and the bamboo bar stools.

Ain't it cra-cra how I get high from coordinating pieces?

Here is a centerpiece I just finished.  Remember when I made a similar one for Realtor Sandi's dining room?  Well, her Mama took a shine to it and wanted a similar one.  Finding a boat vase was a mission. Then, wouldn't ya know, the same flowers were nowhere to be found.  I bought tons of  stuff, tore it up, then arranged and rearranged.
Hey y'all, thanks.  I am SO GRATEFUL for all of my readers.  I know I'm delinquent with posts.  Can't seem manage to put something out if my heart ain't into it because I'm busy or distracted.

Love y'all!


  1. I love all the windows in this room. And keeping the decor simple really highlights the space. Nice.