Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bye Beach & Staging Virginia's Master Bath

Back from vacation!
Oh, how I miss this view from my 3rd floor ocean bedroom.


God bless my realtors, they waited for me to return.  I've lots of work to keep me busy.

When last I left you on Virginia's house, we were finishing up the Master Suite.  They have a large dressing area with two sinks.  Here is how it looked before staging.  Pretty typical.

I only added a few candles, a tray of soaps and bath oils on the vanity.  Burgundy candle holders and towels were used to give this area a pop of color and tie the bath in the the master bedroom.

I've been on this silver kick lately.  The silver tray on the vanity coordinates with the mirror, fixtures and cabinet knobs.

The bathtub, shower and toilet are in the adjoining room.  The walls are a pinkish color (no, they didn't want to change any paint colors).  I wanted to distract from the wall color.

You've seen this huge picture used over and over in many of my houses. This colorful canvas is one of my favorite staging props.  I placed a silver bowl with facecloths on the back of the tank.  There is a silver soap dish on the corner of the tub.  Told you, I am lovin' me some silver.
This picture is very versatile!  I hang it this way, that way and the other way.  Who says there is only one way?

Have a great 4th!


  1. Having fun with the Art! Love it! I do the same with a couple of my larger pieces that Erica did.

  2. Wow! What a difference that picture makes to the tub area! But I think my favourite spot is the way you used it outside.

    Happy 4th!

  3. I love that picture!! I thought it was made for MY bathroom, it is so perfect there, but its so versatile it works everywhere. You have some great art, I'm going to miss it when you reclaim all of it. I have realized I like a pretty master bath instead of a functional one. lol Thanks for expanding my world from functional to pretty!!!