Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The House I DID NOT Stage

Hi folks!  I'm on vaca now and was super busy before I left town. Hence the reason for the silence.
So here we go.  Remember the house I spent lots o' time and $$ but didn't stage.  Well, the deed is done and I wanted to share a few of the rooms.  The seller hired the biggest staging company in our area. They supply big time furniture. I use small furniture and accessories (lots and lots of accessories!)  I tried to refrain from comment (you don't have to) but couldn't resist including some of my staging set-up photos. It is fun and interesting to see how someone else stages!  Here's the reveal. Enjoy!
Remember the Funeral Home Foyer?  The Before is the same as the After.  It was not staged.  Below is the Living Room After. 
The Living Room Before.
The Sun Room After and Before.
Master Bedroom After
And the Master Bedroom Before picture.
(Remember all the 'stuff' I bought to put in the Master?)
The Master Bathroom was not staged.  Below is my 'stuff' I'd gathered for staging it.
Here is the Dining Room After staging.
Here's the Before.
I was gonna put these big boy candlesticks on that table.
 This Guest Room was not staged.
Here's some of the loot I bought to stage it.

The second floor bonus room was unfurnished.  The staging company relocated the formal living room furniture to stage this room. StagerLinda had no intentions of staging the vacant Bonus Room.  My philosophy has always been to 'hook 'em' on the first floor.

Bonus Before
 Bonus Room After

I LOVE that I was able to compare how I prepared to stage this house compared to how the staging company worked.  Everybody has a different approach. 

I will continue to market myself as a 'Boutique Stager'. 


  1. I hope they didn't spend a lot of money getting that place staged! The only room that looks even remotely better is the dining room. But its so sparse looking, its like nobody loves there.
    I wish them luck.
    As for you.....step away from the computer and get back to your (well-deserved) vacation! 😀

    1. Actually Heather, I'm excited to be back to posting and catching up on all the posts I've missed reading! I'm starting with your blog!

  2. Not much to say. Can't say the big company did anything worthwhile!