Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Staging Virginia's House -- Master Bedroom

My BFF and neighbor is moving.  Virginia and I have been friends for eons.  We share many of the same interests but interior decorating is not one of them. Virginia's style is function and comfort.  Y'all will see exactly what I mean as I unravel each room and I share my story of staging her home. Below is the exterior of her house after a new paint job and landscaping.  Hope I can get before a before picture to show--trust me, the new colors are a BIG improvement.
Exterior - After Painting and Landscaping
We decided to start the staging with the master bedroom. Virginia said she was game for anything I suggested.  We shopped and shopped and spent a lot of her money so she could take her purchases to her new home. Here is my friends' sad bedroom.

Master  Bedroom Before
Yep, those are bras on the coat tree in the corner. The blue carpeting was buckled and faded.  We replaced it with a light grey carpet.
Master Bedroom After
Master Bedroom After
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After
Here's our accessory list:
Grey and White print Bed-N-A-Bag -  Kohl's
Mercury Glass Bedside Table Lamps - HomeGoods
Red Throw Pillows - Pier 1
Lumbar Pillow with Flower - my staging stash
Red Flower Picture with Black Frame - TJ Maxx
2 Botanical Prints with Black Frames- Virginia's
Circle Artwork - Pier 1(on clearance!)
Small Upholstered Chair - TJ Maxx
Orange & Grey Print Pillow - Tuesday Morning
Small Side Table - my staging stash
Copper Pot with Silk Ferns & Ivy - my staging stash (It is covering a mass of electrical cords.)
Large Red Urn with Silk Orchids - my staging stash
Antique Black & White Fashion Drawing - A valuable piece that Jim & Virginia had in storage.
Braided Silk Ficus Tree in Iron planter- my staging stash

We took the large wooden traditional mirror off the back of the vanity. We needed a more contemporary look.  This side of the room also needed more light.  I removed the glass lamp filled with matchbooks and replaced it with a textured urn lamp from another room.  The lamp had an old, soiled bell shade on it. A new white drum lamp shade made gave it a more updated.

Virginia was thrilled with the staging.  Even husband Jim approved!  The next morning I received a text from Virginia:  "I woke up and realized my Fairy Godmother had visited and sprinkled fairy dust in my room and made it beautiful.  I can't stop smiling!"

Me either!


  1. Huge improvement! (though I kinda like the idea of using a coat tree for bras! My husband hates that I leave mine on the back of every doorknob in our room! LOL!)

  2. Can't wait to see the rest of the house after what you've done here!!

  3. Great improvements, Linda! The room looks more updated and fresher. Look forward to seeing more. Cheers

  4. You did a wonderful job - and I'm glad she (and her husband) appreciated your hard work - it looks great! You must be sad to see her go... My next door neighbor is one of my closest friends and I can't imagine how sad I would be if she moved!

  5. This is your decorating challenged BFF Virginia. I really don't have the words to express how much Jim and I LOVE our new bedroom. I was like moving from a dorm room to a 5 star resort. Not only are the new sheets and comforter pretty they are soft and cuddly. I'm all about a bargain and this bed in a bag set was the perfect way to go. I have never given lamps much thought but these new lamps make a world of difference to the one drab lamp I had before, plus they have a little bling and you know I love my bling. I could write pages on everything you did in our bedroom, but I will end with, you are my BFF, Fairy Godmother and magician wrapped up into 1 person. You have given me a beautiful sanctuary, I can't wait to come home to. I can't wait for you to show off the rest of my house!!

  6. OK, one more thing. It would NEVER have occurred to me to remove the heavy mirror that was on my dresser, after all it came with the set. But removing it (which I am still impressed with our skill and muscles in doing it ourselves) made all the difference, the room did not feel so heavy when it was removed. And how you ever thought to use the smaller oval mirror I can't even fathom. Your vision is amazing!! Thanks girfriend you are the BEST!!!!