Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Would Like Your Opinions, Please!

I'm working on a consultation report on a house for sale.  I think I know what direction I want the seller to go.  Then I thought, hmmmm.....my blogger buddies have great ideas!

This is the family room on the lower level of a split-level house. What would you guys suggest for this room?  The painted white fireplace will remain.  The neutral beige walls and carpet, while not very exciting, is preferred for selling.

This mantel is real wood.  The color makes it appear plastic.  What color would you paint the mantel?

Would you recommend painting the bookshelves?

  What color would you paint the bookshelves?
You enter the room and see the back of the sofa and love seat.  The pillar, shelves, fireplace, sliding glass doors, and entrance make furniture placement difficult.  The wall behind the sofa is a built-in bar.
Your ideas on rearranging furniture?

The owners will be staging the house themselves, using their furnishings but may be open to purchasing a few items.

Thanks for any ideas you have!!


  1. Okay, remember you asked....😀

    Paint the mantel the same colour as the brick surround. I would also paint the brass enclosure black and add that cool looking walking stick and other natural elements to the hearth area.

    Paint the bookshelves the same colour as the walls to create a built-in look. I'm not even going to tell you they need staging. You know that

    You're right, furniture placement is a challenge. But here goes.... Remove the blue chair and move the TV to that corner (l know it will block part of the door, but I'm hoping that it's not the sliding part) can you convince them to get a smaller TV? It would make a huge difference.

    Leave the couch where it is, but swing the love seat around so that its perpendicular to the couch. There should be room once the TV is moved.

    If you can't move the TV but they agree to a flat screen, then you could sit the TV on the corner of the hearth where thatMexican blanket is right now
    These multi-use rooms are a challenge with all the pillars, etc. But I know you will !take it gorgeous.

    1. Heather, your ideas a great. Thanks for taking the time to outline your suggestions. I hate those bubble TV's and wish they would be outlawed. LOL!

  2. Hi Linda. My thoughts are create a seating area in front of the fireplace with 2 neutral chairs and an area rug and side tables. Make the sofa grouping behind the pillows toward the back of the room with sofa and chairs. Can you slipcover the sofa with fun pillows? Remove the tv and stand for now and paint the mantle black and the bookshelves the wall color to make them disappear more. Add a few black staging elements on the shelves.. just some thoughts.. Good Luck!

    1. I like your idea of two distinct areas. A slipcover on that sofa would make a huge difference. Thanks Nancy, for taking the time to give me ideas! I don't think the owner's will hire me for this job. They will have to go by my report.

  3. Great ideas so far...looks like they have it covered!

  4. I would paint it all white..there is so much distracting color...you will do great you always do and I can't wait to see!