Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Staging Guidelines?

Cute House!

It happened again.  I went on a consultation yesterday and the seller told me something that made my head spin.  Their last realtor told them to remove almost everything from their house for it to show well. They removed furniture, pictures, and accessories.

Alex and Heather paid for storage for over 6 months.  "We felt like we were camping", Alex told me.

Their house didn't sell.  The sellers decided it was time for a change.

A new realtor was hired. He called me to intervene.  Realtor Tom told me the house 'reads cold' and has 'limited appeal'.
Beautiful kitchen but no warmth.
Master Bedroom with only a bed.

Bonus Room is OK but where's the color?
Apparently, someone/organization is teaching that staging is about stark and lifeless rooms.  This is the third seller I consulted with recently that has told me they've been instructed to stage their house by stripping it.

You know I'm all about emotional appeal.  I believe staging is about making a house look warm and inviting--a place buyer would like to make their new home.

Any thoughts?
PS--Realtors are not Stagers.


  1. I watch so much HGTV in the middle of the night..this is a huge subject. I think one must have the perfect balance...the only thing that is offensive to me is dirt and clutter. I can see beyond most things, but lots of people can't. If a house is small I like to see how the person living there rises to the challenge of living there...aka storage ideas

  2. Wow....how uninviting. There is a balance and it's attainable!

  3. I personally think that most people have a hard time imagining a room when it's almost empty. Yes, it shows the size of a room. But it takes all the emotion out of the buying process. And let's face it, when we buy a house we buy with our hearts not our measuring tapes. Stick to creating a warm environment and forget about that "show home" look.