Monday, September 17, 2012

When to Break A Staging Principle

I found out that the owner of this chest did not paint it. Meredith told me her mother had the chest and commissioned to have it painted. Meredith has had this piece since she was a small girl. She  speculated that the 3-D flowers and leaves were made of clay (as some of you suggested).  Isn't it amazing that they have held up through the years?
Professionally Hand Painted Chest
Meredith's Dining Room, Living Room, Kitchen
Meredith likes color.  I took this picture the day of my consultation.  Typically, I would tell these clients to paint over the dark coral-colored wall.  However, the target audience for this 3-floor town house is a young professional/family.  The color perfectly compliments the decor in this open floor plan home.  This home reads young and fresh.  I explained to the realtor that one bright wall, painted above the chair rail, is not a deal breaker.  It would only take the new owner a few minutes to paint over if they don't like it.

There are guidelines for staging a house for sale.  However, there are no hard and fast rules--or shouldn't be.  Each house needs to be evaluated on an individual basis.  Location, style of the home, target buyer, etc. must be taken into consideration.

Just as Gestalt is used in all the arts, advertising and marketing so to it applies to home staging.

Have a great week!

PS--I only accomplished a couple of the intentions I set last Monday.  Here's hoping this week is more productive.


  1. Excellent example of all rules are meant to be broken! Targeting the buyer is one of the most important factors in staging!

  2. Yes, Patty I always try to appeal to the broadest range of potential buyers. A buyer in their 'mature' years most likely would not be interested in climbing 3 story stairs. (I completely get the attraction of ranch houses!)

  3. Rules are meant to be broken - especially in art and design and what you do is a combination of both. I agree that leaving the coral wall as an accent.

    My list from last week went mostly undone too. It's Tuesday and my list for this week needs to be added to last week - forever behind.

    1. I like getting your vote to leave the wall, Heather. Trying to get a handle on the never ending list is a challenge. Silly me, I thought if I posted about it the deadline would inspire me.

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    1. Thanks Mary Ann! I enjoy reading your posts. I appreciate your comment.

  5. Thanks Mary Ann! I enjoy reading your blog. I appreciate you comment.