Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Chandy Fall Makeover

We've been staying at my son and daughter-in-law's gorgeous home this week during our hardwood installation.  We are so fortunate. They have been at Disney for the week and volunteered their house to us.

It's been a while since I've done anything creative. I'm itching to decorate (even if I am breaking the good Mother-in-Law code)! With this being the first day of Fall, I hit Michael's for inspiration.  I found some gourd-look-alikes and monster-autumn-leaves for 40% off.  Jackpot!

I got this crazy idea to decorate my DIL's dining room chandelier.  The base can hold the leaves and the gourds have hooky stems. I can hang those little suckers on the arms then stack a few in the center!
What a fun project for the first day of Fall!

Please enjoy your weekend and the start of this beautiful new season.



  1. Oh you are so lucky to have a daughter in law that "allows" you to do such marvels! Now, my son in law is a different story.....Never can I suggest something, let along DO something. I'm used to it now, they've been married for 32 years. In fact it's really a relief, no pressures!

  2. My DIL is a peach! Love, love, love her and so glad John married her. He's my only child so it is nice to now have a daughter. I think SIL get peeved about the mother/daughter bond being so tight.

  3. very cute! i love the color you've added. also, i love the painting on your wall..looks like it it blends right in, no matter the season!

    1. Thanks Morgan! The fall colors do go with the colors in the painting. Thanks for visiting and for your comment.

  4. I love that your daughter in law and you get along so well. You did a great job with this. You are very crafty.

  5. Linda you are the sweetest! I ATTEMPT to be crafty. I didn't have any containers to make an arrangement so the chandy got it. Looked at it Sunday before we left and took it down before she returned!