Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty, please!

Recently, my daughter in law was reminiscing about working as a waitress during college. 
She worked at a big Chinese restaurant.

Some of the seating faced out to view the mall entrance.  Diners could watch the comings and goings of shoppers while they ate. Equally, mall customers could oogle the diners. 

"The Manager always told us not to seat anybody in front of the window unless they were attractive," she stated. I had an immediate indignant, "OMG, are you kidding!!!" reaction.

Later, I reacted to my reaction.  I am in an image business.  I know people are attracted to pretty.  (It seems less offensive when it is a house verses a person, I rationalized.) My job is to make houses look attractive to get them sold.

The restaurant manager wanted the 'pretty people' in front to draw in potential customers.  

Like the restaurant manager, I know that a house for sale must show its 'pretty' to lure in potential buyers.

You wonder why a post about home staging has pictures of George, Jennifer and Kate?  You will be seeing lots of houses on "Linda Beam - An Attraction to Staging".  You deserve to see, what I think we all can agree on, are a few pretty people. 

They always get seated in the front.

If you need help staging your house for sale, pretty please contact me. Linda Beam at


  1. Great blog -- you can't overestimate the power of staging. Every house I've listed that was staged sold fast! And I am convinced they came in higher, too.

  2. Thank you so very much for the compliment on my blog. Staging does make the difference between getting a house sold fast and for the most money. I appreciate your testimony of your success with selling your staged listings!

  3. Love the analogy!!! I've driven by houses for sale that look run down and "unattractive" and thought, If I were buying a house and saw that For Sale sign I'd keep on driving.

  4. Yes, I've heard MANY stories from agents when the buyer said,"let's go," as soon as they pulled into the driveway. It's pretty bad when people won't even get out of the car.