Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Emotion Behind The Buy

Hello! I am excited to start my blog today! It's my birthday--the perfect day to start a new adventure. I must give a special shout out to Maria Killam ( for her advice and support.

Thanks for joining me as I chat about my passion for staging and design. 

I want to explore the essential  emotional element that contributes to making a sale.  

Places in the Heart
Remember the anticipation of buying your first home? The excitement you felt about finding the perfect place that was within your budget? That ideal home to raise babies, prepare feasts, entertain friends, make memories, and decorate for the holidays? 

Everyone experiences a bundle of emotions when shopping for 'the' house.  A seller must make sure their house elicits the right emotions to attract a buyer.

Seal the Deal!
Potential buyers tour your house based on statistics: location, price, square footage,  amenities, etc.  But, they buy a home based on emotion.

As with any consumer product, it's all about presentation. Landscaping, paint colors, furniture placement, accessories, updates, and a house that is immaculate and maintenance-free, all contribute to the appeal a house reveals to a buyer. 

Create the best first impression in this competitive market. Prepare your house for sale, and stage it to create the appeal to which buyers can relate.  Make buyers fall in love with your house and seal the deal!    

What about you?  
What tugged at your heartstrings when you bought your house?

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  1. Thanks so very much, Natasha! Your butterfly poster is really appropriate for me at this time of my life!

  2. Happy Birthday and congrats on your new blog! My husband and I bought our first home 4 years ago, and you're absolutely right it was based on the emotion we got from the home. That emotion also made me overlook a few things that I should have paid more attention to! But, overall I am very happy with our purchase.

    Can't wait to read more of your posts!

  3. P.S. Maria was the one that inspired me to start my blog too! She's a very special person.

  4. Maria is the best!
    Exactly! If you make buyers fall in love with your house from the start they are more likely to overlook a few things and, staging diverts attention from 'problem' areas.
    Thanks so much for following me.

  5. Love your blog!!! Took me back to our realtor walking us downstairs and our happiness as we stood there gazing in awe at a fully finished basement, we envisioned all the happy times in our future with the future additions to our family: the pool table, the ping pong table and the foosball table...Thanks for the memories!!!

    1. Thanks for posting Virginia. Great story of your memory of seeing your basement for the first time! Isn't it funny how your mind automatically starts filling in the blanks in the room with your friends, family and those many recreation tables. Love it!

  6. When we bought our house, I loved the age - built in the 50's - so lots of character, and a great flow. Fortunately, I could see past the harvest gold and flowered wallpaper, and was instantly smitten!! Happily following your new blog...

  7. If only everybody had vision! Most folks can't see past harvest gold! The pastel green, pink, blue and yellow of the early 80's is still surviving in many homes. Yes, really!

    Thanks you so much for following me. Your blog is great!

  8. What got us was the fireplace. It is a furniture-arranging nightmare as it takes up almost an entire wall. But hubby fell in love with it at first sight. And he continues to honor it by setting a fire most cool evenings. Sometimes, if he just wants it for atmosphere, and it isn't cool, we'll just leave a few doors open...

  9. Fireplaces are the #1 amenity that buyers request. I'm not surprized your husband fell in love with a wall length fireplace! Decorating around it really is challenging.

    Try arranging your furniture in zones: small table and a couple of chairs at one end/side; another conversation area with a sofa, end table and chair(s). You might opt for a loveseat(s) instead of a full lenght sofa.

  10. Hi Linda - We started our blogs one day apart! My first post was on Feb 23rd and yours was on Feb 22. Nice! :-)
    Looking forward to following you!