Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hot Fun in the Summer Time

Hi lovelies.  Yeah, I know I've been on hiatus for quite awhile.  We are taking month long beach vacation. Before vaa-k I was quite busy with work. The first three weeks at the beach were fun.  Friends and family came down and frolicked on the beach with us. Grandson Jack, 4, thought it was pretty funny to see incoming waves toss his Mimi like a rag doll! We've over eaten until all we could do was moan and put our feet up. Icy-cold adult beverages flowed abundantly.  I've coined my fav "Loose Goose" (Diet) Cran Pom and Grey Goose.  I have laughed so long my voice is hoarse. When Virginia visited, she made me howl so loudly a lady on the beach asked 'are you OK?' (I have a really annoying laugh complete with snorts and shrieks.) Oh! and, my poor feet! They are barking because I have walked at least 150 miles barefooted in the wet sand. It's "good-pain". The kind you only get from walking on the beach.

Monday started Week 4 of Beach Month.  Cowboy has returned to work.  Everyone has cleared out.  Izzie and I are alone.  I have 5 days of glorious 'alone' time.  Just me, Iz, and the beach. This is my week for uninterrupted wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin'.

Cowboy took the car when he left. Leaving me to hoof it for food. The Veggie Wagon is only a few blocks away. The Veggie Wagon is a petite-boutique grocery full of locally grown, organic good-for-you-food. As I stroll the aisles, I sip a freshly made Organic Strawberry Smoothie. I even had the guy add a shot of Whey Protein hoping to make up for past indiscretions. For dinner, I bought crab cakes from just-down-the-road-captured crab and a big fat, ugly Heritage tomato to go on my neighborhood-grown lettuce. 

Oddly, I didn't sleep last night. Insomnia is an acquaintance but rarely an all night guest. At 2:30 AM I decided to play my 'Spiritual Stuff'. As I lay awake in the dark, rubbing Izzie's belly, I listened to some great teachings.  Many of the lessons that are so easy to forget.  .

These mentors were vital in teaching me that what you believe is what you can have.  Thoughts become reality. If you believe something isn't possible, then it won't be.  Years ago, I thought I couldn't afford an oceanfront beach house--much less a place that allowed pets and was big enough to entertain friends and family.  I believed if I took an entire month off my clients would drop me and my business would be over.  My spiritual teachers taught me to think that everything is possible. If you want it, and believe it, it can happen. So happy I stumbled onto 'Spiritual Stuff' 25 years ago...

At first light, as the sun peaked over the horizon, I decided to take Izzie out for a walk. I took her off-leash since we were the only ones stirring. She was in heaven.  So much to sniff.  So many places to mark.  So much fun to run, and run, and run.

I am one grateful girl for my coffer overflowing with beachy happiness!


  1. What you are describing is summer heaven

  2. And I am so excited that you found it

  3. Sounds idyllic - family time, fun times and now some good therapeutic time. I wasn't sleeping last night either - but just laid in bed and waiting for sleep to envelope me again - which it finally did. Should have gotten up and listened to spiritual stuff like you. I saw you comment in Pura Vida the other day and wondered where you were. Enjoy your last couple of days of bliss.

    1. Hi Heather! Yes, listening to my spiritual stuff all night was a luxury and so inspiring. No can do when you are sharing a bed with your husband! Thanks for your well wishes for my last blissful days.

  4. Sounds like you have had such an awesome vacation!! Really like the picture you posted. The ocean and the sun both are so beautiful!