Sunday, March 22, 2015


I'm super grateful that my friend Karen is doing great!  She's been battling breast cancer this year.  Her reconstructive surgery was Thursday and she is looking forward to her son's wedding this summer. Hooray!

I'm still under the weather.  It seems Mr. Infection hitch hiked from my sinuses to my middle ear. (I spend a lot of time saying, 'huh?') A is for Azithromycin--round two.  Sooo hoping The Super Bug doesn't hit anytime soon.  My immune system will be up the creek with no paddle.

Between naps and Nyquil , I've been binge watching "Parenthood"on Netflix. Anybody remember Craig T. Nelson from his days on "Coach"? Still love him. I've also been reading a ton of blogs.

Enjoying blogs is so much fun since, hey, I've got the time. I zig and zag getting deeper and deeper into recommended must read lists.  Here's a couple of observations:

1.There is a Universal Theme: All bloggers experience those awkward,awful don't-know-what-to-post-writer's-block times. It happens to everyone--not just me! 'Filler' posts are creative.

 "Upcycle Used Shoelaces As Decorative Bows!"  
"Fill Pillows Using Dryer Lint!"  
"Twist Twigs Into Place Mats!"  
"Lean Cuisine Boxes As Colorful Art!"

2.There are blogs on EVERY subject.  Cowboy has a retirement fantasy of us exploring America in an RV.  My worst fears were confirmed after reading -wait for it- a blog by: The Pop Up Princess. There is a whole world of folks updating and posting about their pop-ups. Who knew? The Princess, Larissa, is adorable.  There are lots of camper makeovers and great advice.

However, cramped quarters and damp bath towels hold no appeal--to this princess.

Have a great week y'all!


  1. Oh my gosh, too funny! Truth be told I think about old campers and gutting them. I've seen a few, that when done well, I could stay in for quite some time. I never knew that someone would have a blog dedicated to that topic. I'm going to go check it out...
    The House of Hampton