Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Musings: Forgive Me for Not Forgiving?
The value of forgiveness celebrated.  All the gurus and great spiritual leaders discuss the power of forgiving.  I'm a good Christian girl, but to be honest, I've always had a challenge about this particular tenet.  I struggle with the concept of forgiveness.

I am forgiving of small offensives.  Small offenses being things that happen (or are said) with no intention or awareness of hurt or wrongdoing.

But have a difficult time with the reprehensible: molestation, animal and child cruelty, adultery, murder,-- you know the MAJOR sins.  I've seen all the shows with the mother who forgives the drunk driver that killed her baby.  The forgiving man sent to prison for years then released after DNA tests prove his innocence.

I salute these folks! These people have super-human powers in my book.  Forgiving folks are evolved souls.  They are angels walking on earth.

I think there needs to be a different vernacular for mere mortals who grapple with the whole forgiveness thing. Here's my deal: I believe in release. I release people of  their wrong doings.  Release beats allowing their actions to invade my thoughts and distract me from all of the wonderful things to experience in life.
How easy is forgiveness for you?


  1. I guess forgiving is a way of putting closure on a painful subject. And by forgiving, you do get some of the much needed release. But sometimes, it's just too hard to do.

  2. Thanks for weighing in Heather. I am appreciative of your thoughtful comments. I always grapple with sharing myself!

  3. I think every situation is difference..but I do think it is healthy for us to forgive...

    1. I agree forgiveness is healthy--just hard for me in certain instances.

  4. I am a forgiving person; not sure why, but it's not so hard for me. The big sins, as you call them, are in a different category and are more unforgiveable. This is a tough one, you've got me thinking. xo Nancy