Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Explore Using Furnishings in a New Fashion to Stage

Hi lovelies!  Winter is back again in NC.  Mr. Meteorologist promises it will be a distant memory by Easter Sunday.

Last post, I showed the sleeping area of this Master Bedroom. Here's the other side with it's oh-so-very-large-seating-area and fireplace. (Tonight would be the perfect time to fire it up.)

Here's the seating area before.

I swapped the sofa for the wing chairs in the living room.  The living room is near the front door and needed to be staged with more furniture for the best first impression.  The coffee table from the Master, I moved to the family room.

The fireplace is missing a hearth.  To simulate the hearth, I moved this trunk from the master closet to underneath the firebox. (I also removed the scary masks above the firebox!)

The staging is certainly not dramatic.  The purpose of the post is to look at all of your furnishings with fresh eyes. Consider using items in a new context.  Try moving furniture to different rooms where it makes more sense and has a bigger impact.
Adding the trunk below the fireplace adds dimension to the flat facade of this wall.  The warm wood tones of the trunk pick up the dark wood of the master bed on the other side of the room.
You need to consider the entire space when you stage.


  1. Love when someone can see my home with fresh eyes and change things up…great job!!

  2. There's nothing like "shopping my house" for a fresh look.
    Hope it warms up for you!

  3. This is soooo much better! I would love a fireplace in our MBR. The wings chairs make such a difference, and floating the furniture gives it the room to breathe. Great job again Linda. HOpe the weather turns warm this weekend! We were spoiled there for a minute! xo Nancy

  4. Great have the magic touch! .....