Friday, October 11, 2013

FAQ's FRIDAY: What's the difference between staging and decorating?

What's the difference between staging and decorating?

Decorating is for LIVING in a home. 
TV Guide
Decorating is reflective of the tastes and lifestyle of the people living in the home.  Decorated homes have lots of personal items--and usually too many of them.  What works for daily living may not work for selling.  Furniture backs facing entrances, windows blocked by furniture, obstructed doorways and collectibles are not desirable for selling.

When you employ an interior designer, the designer's job is to work with you to achieve your desired look.  I will work with seller's in their next home, if they ask.  But oh-honey, staging is easier for me--no trips back and forth for returns!

STAGING is for SELLING a house.

Staging is targeted to attract potential buyers in your selling demographic.

My first goal is to evoke an emotional appeal to buyers so they can see themselves living in your house.  The next goal is to highlight architectural features. Lastly, I must distract from any negatives of the house.  Smoke and mirrors, baby!

Staging does not require the owner's approval.  I've yet (knock on wood) to have a seller be disappointed or critical of my staging efforts.  I work diligently to marry the owner's furnishings to what I place in the home.

When I have finished staging a house, I want it to look like it hasn't been staged.  Huh?  I want it to appear that the owners have great taste and have furnished their wonderful home with lovely accessories. (I guess that's why I don't like contrived staging.)

Do you recognize the picture of the famous living room above?


  1. Great Post! I have gone nuts trying to explain this to people! I will memorize this Post!

  2. You're so right - staging is "business", decorating is not. Is that the set from "Married With Children"?

  3. Thanks for bringing up that staging is business, Heather. Nope, not Married with Children.

  4. I can't ever imagine that you would have an unhappy customer. Your transformations give the rooms new life and personality.

  5. King of Queens. Love that show. Thanks for the explanation