Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Musings: Does YOUR Best Friend Have a Sister?

A D Bouguereau "Two Sisters" bvccrefresh

I have to admit I am one of those folks that spends a bit too much time analyzing stuff.  See, I'm a Pieces so we tend to study our navel instead of clean out the garage or go to the grocery store.

So, here is my Sunday Stuff to share. This was my latest 'hmmmmm....that IS interesting....'

All of my dearest girlfriends have sisters.  Do you think it is coincidence that these girls-with-sisters and I share a scared trust, love, and will-be-there-for-ya-anytime and take-your-secrets-to-their-grave thing?  I think these have women navigated the inroads of female relationship from being a sister.  Sisters seem to have a deeper understanding and empathy in their DNA that I find refreshing, nurturing and supportive. It is also interesting that, these girls-with-sisters will always be best friends with their sisters despite their own disagreements and misunderstanding. So, girlfriends-with-sisters tend to not get pissed off or take things personally when my train jumps the track.  They are roll-with-you, maybe-you-had-a-bad-day chics.  Gotta love that!

What's your take?
Thanks lovelies for allowing me to ramble on about Sisters.  No, I don't have any biological sisters.  Just my adopted ones.


  1. Being one of your best friends with a sister got me musing after reading your post. (And, my dear, you are a Pisces, although I have sometimes seen you in Pieces :).

    We have known each other for close to 30 years. I've known my sister for 61 years and we are very dear to each other. But I find that most of my secrets reside with you. Why is that? For one thing, you possess an ardent curiosity about people, and an astute understanding of those you love. I can't get away with much around you. You dig stuff out whether I am willing to let go or not. My sister, even as close as we are, is more like me in that we don't ask much about things we'd rather not know. I think I feel that I could potentially disappoint her, as we are a judgmental family. You have an inherent acceptance of humans with all their complexities, and I feel safe allowing you in to my introverted life.

    That is my take. And I love you to pieces (or is that Pisces?)!

    And yes, I think I finally figured out how to respond to your blog. We'll see.

  2. Karen, you know me and my 'Fin-NET-ic' spelling. Pisces/Pieces--pretty funny... I figured your sister knew all of your business (since I do.) You, my dear, have just told me something I didn't know! I love you and glad you feel safe to share with me ;)

  3. yes and my sister has a best friend and one of these days we will live out our days in the Hansford Manor and shoot peas at all the old men

  4. Too funny, Gina! I know you gals will have a swell time at Hansford Manor.